Evan is a pleasure to work with, and has been a vital part of our success. He has taken our fashion imagery to the next level with measurable results. His ability to recognize our vision and lead with it is comforting and gives me great confidence. If you are looking for creative genius and Fashion photography that drives sales, Evan is your guy. It's easy to recommend this guy.
Jennifer Moran
Greenola Style
I’ve never enjoyed being in front of a camera than I did with Evan behind it. He knew how to work with me and our surroundings to ensure that the shot looked the best it could. He’s always determined to produce quality work, and will not settle for anything less than perfect. I hope I get to shoot with him again.
Jessica Przygda
The quality of work that Evan produces and his ability to find creative ways to improve upon current standards makes Evan an outstanding photographer to work with.
Gustavo Ruiz
Newark Electronics
Evan Stone is one of the best photographers in Chicago. He is extremely professional yet fun to work with. I love his work and can't wait to shoot with him again.
Elias Oseni
Actor & Model
Evan has the rare ability to take a general design 'feel' away from a meeting or written description, and turn it into a piece that not only encompasses all the important elements of the request, but does it better than the requester could have imagined. His understanding of design practices, as well as a near-intuitive knowledge of “what you’re looking for” makes him a creative force to be reckoned with.
Benjamin Trumbull
Anatomical World Wide
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